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Our guesthouse can be found in the idyllic village called Kottenborn far away from transit traffic. It is located in the heart of the Eifel, surrounded by green forrests, very close to the Nürburgring.
The special location of our guesthouse offers a lot of activities for the whole family. When hiking through the surrounding landscape you can see different local animals. At times of recreation, providing you with deck chairs is a matter of course. Our beer garden is perfect for spending the end of a sunny day with a comfortable get-together.

(Closed from Monday to Wednesday)


If ordered in advance for 8 or more people you have also the possibility of having dinner in our rustic lounge.


Hint: There is one dog and a parrot living in our house.






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Hauptstraße 23 • 53518 Kottenborn • Tel.: 02691 / 401 • Fax: 02691 / 8586 •